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About us

We have transitioned and brought to life an idea I had two years ago …

It was prompted by the arduous task that was befalling my carers and I on a constant basis . Disposing of refuse in bins that held a stench that emanated throughout the entrance leading to their front door was not only hugely discouraging for us to use them but disturbing the client . Moreover , hot weather was bringing about the unwanted presence and at times infestation of flies. I approached my sons with the idea of addressing this issue and embarking on a service that cleaned the bins , however they did not show any enthusiasm and hence I deferred my plan until now . I discussed with my husband , who happens to be an Uber driver and takes pride in keeping his vehicle clean . He made mention of the jet wash concept being applied to a machine that did the same for bins . Having done market research and asked the public , we realised there was a demand for this service ,which motivated us towards pursuing this .We developed this plan further and put into motion securing a customised van . I have a team of workers that are ready to commence this service. This will an extension of our mother company and therefore be known as HATSZZ wheelie clean.

Our Service

We provide the following service

Cleaning Bins

We offer a professional wheelie bin cleaning service. We have many packages tailored made to your affordability. From yearly/monthly contracts to one off cleans.

Our Vision

Having served the community in enriching people’s life, we now are eager to enrich their environment Service

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